This was discontinued following our consultation on statistical products that took place in 2013.

Our response to the consultation on statistical products explained that in future, the estimates of internet users would be published on an annual basis.

Following the outcome of our consultation on statistical products, we conducted a further consultation on the future of statistics to measure the digital economy.

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While 2% (1.1 million) had last used the internet more than 3 months ago, 11% (5.9 million) had never used it.

The percentage of adults that were recent internet users has increased from 80% in quarter 2 (Apr to June) 2011, when comparable records began, to 86% in quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2015.

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The majority of respondents indicated that their preference was to include all quarterly periods rather than just 1 quarter from each year.

Therefore, this annual release contains all quarterly periods from quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2014 to quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2015.

This is the first annual publication of quarterly estimates of internet use by adults aged 16 years and over in the UK.

This release has replaced the Internet Access Quarterly Update that was last published on .

To clarify, the word "stats" is the abbreviation of the English word statistics.

Statistics is defined as the collection, organization and interpretation of numerical data.

The percentage of adults who have never used the internet has decreased from 17% in quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2011 to 11% in quarter 1 (Jan to Mar) 2015.