Skype and Internet Calls Use the Internet to make calls safely.

You should check if the dating site you are using is a member of the Online Dating Association (ODA).

- Stop communicating with anyone who attempts to pressure you into providing your personal or financial information or who seems to be trying to trick you into providing it.

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For example, if two different people search for the word ‘apple’ they could get different results.

If their age and search history suggests they like tech and gadgets, a search for ‘apple’ will show results for Apple i Phones, i Pads and Apple-related news stories (pictured left).

This is sold to the public as positive - making each web session relevant and interesting - yet is leading researchers to fear the so-called ‘filter bubble’ could widen divides between the North and South, rich and poor, and young and old.

Websites track users to create a personal profile of who they think they are.

- Remember that overtly sexual, provocative or controversial usernames could attract the wrong kind of attention. Stay in control when it comes to how and when you share information.

Don't include your contact information such as your email address, home address, or phone number in your profile or initial communications.

When it comes to wealth, if users are only ever shown particular products, job adverts and so on, they will never increase how much money they earn or how much they spend on items; widening the rich and poor divide.

In terms of politics, if a user has previously searched for details about a particular political party or policy, or live in a Labour stronghold as an example, when they search for news they may be shown more left-leaning publications or links.

It makes assumptions about a person’s wealth, based on where they live and work, for example, or looks at their credit score.