It’s not traditional to fast, nor to eat particular foods.Activities: Because this is a new holiday, there are no traditional activities. It was a pilgrimage holiday when the Temple was standing in Jerusalem, when farmers brought the first fruits of their four-year-old trees. When is it: Starts the evening of May 18, 2018; June 8, 2019, May 28, 2020 Foods: Dairy foods are traditional on Shavuot, some say because the Jews learned that all their meat was not kosher when they received the Torah! Activities: One of the traditional texts for Shavuot is the book of Ruth.

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This is a major holiday, meaning that traditional Jews take days off of work at the beginning and end of the eight days of the holiday, but work in the middle.

Symbols of Holiday: Matzah, lambs (because of the historical Passover sacrifice), eggs, horseradish root, salt water. It’s fine to say “Happy Pesach” or “Happy Passover.” Some people say “Hag Sameah v’ kasher”—have a happy and kosher holiday. Europeans commemorate the Holocaust on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Jan.

Hebrew name means: Ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av. This fast day commemorates the Roman destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE.

In the medieval period, Jews began attaching other calamities to the day, including the expulsion from Spain in 1492, making it an all-purpose day of mourning. When is it: Starts the evening of July 21, 2018, August 10, 2019, July 29, 2020 Foods: A fast day with no food or water.

Hebrew name means: 15th day of Hebrew month of Shvat What’s it about?

When the Temple in Jerusalem was still standing, Jews offered the first fruits of their trees on the Shavuot holiday.

Read more: Our Passover and Easter Resource Page includes a Guide to Passover for Interfaith Families, recipes, videos, articles, a booklet and more. 27, 1945, but the Israeli government wanted a date that would honor Jewish resistance to the Nazi genocide of World War II.

After some debate, the Jewish community as a whole agreed on the 27 of the Hebrew month Nisan, since it was during the period of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, an act of Jewish heroism and resistance, but still falls after Passover. When is it: April 11, 2018, May 11, 2019, April 21, 2020 Foods: This is a new holiday.

Some Jews also eat other foods with things hidden inside, like dumplings, other sweets and goodies, and alcohol.