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If a consistency between a known dated standard and the questioned ink can be established in either the rare of extraction or in the ratio between the due components, the date of authorship can be accurately determined.

* the intentional concealment of a change that is not clearly noted but takes instrumentation to detect; * an addition or change to a critical entry; * an entry that was not made contemporaneously with the other entries with no notation of late charting; * a pattern of alterations to the critical entries; * testimony is different than the forensic evidence present; * the whiting-out, scribbling-out or obliteration of an entry or pan of an entry; or * the addition or removal of pages to or from a record.

* crowded entries; * entries compressed around other entries; * entries made in the margins or along the bottom of a page; * slant, pressure and uniformity of handwriting; * relative length of questioned entries to other entries in the chart; * unnatural spacing between entries; * entries that shift the blame onto a patient of client, such as “Pt.

refused” or “non-compliant”; * differences between what the client says and what the records indicate; and * strange notations such as “complained of NO chest pains”.

Additions that are made with a color matched ink can usually be detected by the use of an infrared image converter or possibly an argon or krypton laser.

The difference in the ink in this range of lights is caused by the different excitation levels in the inks.

If the inks are different, one ink will luminesce while the other will be infrared opaque or filter.

This can be captured photographically and makes an excellent court exhibit.

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Speckin Lawyers should be interested in the forensic examination of disputed records for three reasons: 1. Ink dating The dating of inks is done in three primary forms. Approximately one-third of all inks manufactured in North America contain a cumerin compound that is unique for its year of manufacture. Also, the first date of production can be established by determining the type and manufacture of the ink.