Well-trained American investigators will say they are lucky to average upward of a dozen sessions a week with people of possible involvement. These things seemed really strange to me because, like I already said, it is customary for all of us to always close the entrance door with a key since that is the only possible way to close it.

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Again we have the liar’s ready explanation as to why the toilet was left in a disgusting state, even though at this stage, she wasn’t spooked enough to think there was anything to be concerned about.

No, the real reason it was ‘strange’, was that according to Knox, nobody who visited the cottage would ever have not flushed the loo.

Headsup: Overheated Marriott trolls flailing against justice respecters wanting Knox to cease chronic trashings of Italians who in fact treated her extremely well. And Knox is already a felon for life for lying, and in contempt for $100,000 owed Patrick. But I’ll point out more Knox claims that for competent law enforcement would be big red flags.

Perhaps Curt Knox with proven history of anger and abuse should in overdue compensation take entire crime-family behind scene. Points that dont match up with Knox down the road, and points that don’t match up with Sollecito.

She has to account for going back to his abode and ringing Filomena from there.

Rather than ring him from the cottage, she has to walk there and then walk back with him. Still imagining herself in the role of innocent, she has to dream up why, if she thought all housemates were around they didn’t seem to be after all, so here comes the precluding: ‘I thought that maybe one of the girls had gone out to throw the trash into the bins, or to go to see our neighbors’.

(Path dependency, for scientists.) Maybe Douglas, Heavey and Moore would have missed them?!

We are still on the 2 November deposition which sets narrow limits on what Knox could credibly claim later.

Remember, at this stage, she is not to know anything has become of Meredith.

Could be anybody’s blood, is the message, with an innocuous cause (albeit ‘disgusting’.) No mention of padding back to her room on the ‘disgusting’ bathmat to fetch a towel after the shower, which seems to be a story that evolved later, when her lawyers told her of the five isolated luminol prints in the hallway identified as ‘compatible’ with hers and Raff’s.

Knox claimed she didn’t know Laura and Filomena were away for the weekend until Filomena told her on the phone after she rang her at midday on , a couple of hours later.