Right through to the fourth and ultimate session on 5 November, the investigators were mainly in the mode of spreading the net wider and wider. Remember this is still the same day Meredith’s body was discovered.

At that moment I thought that maybe one of the girls had gone out to throw the trash into the bins, or to go to see our neighbors, the boys, who occupy the apartment below ours and with whom we hang out.

Meredith home alone, would be a real reason to panic.

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At first I thought that the blood on the sink could be mine because I did some ear piercings about a week ago, so I immediately checked in the mirror and touched my ear.

Then I touched the blood on the sink but seeing that it was not removed immediately, that is, it was not recent, I thought it could be some girl’s menstrual blood and because it disgusted me, I did not attempt to clean it.

The scorching Moonlight Sonata was many peoples’ first choice. Music and ballet did mean a lot for Meredith, and both could use wider audiences these days. The aim had been to finally leave the cottage with the door left flapping open (as though by an unknown intruder). She says she ‘didn’t check if they were locked’ (Filomena’s and Meredith’s rooms). This indicates an awareness that Meredith’s room was locked.

If there’s a video on that same theme we can add it here. Posted on 12/25/17 at PM by The TJMK Main Posters • Click here & then top left for all my posts; Archived in Concerning Meredith, Her memory, Her family Permalink for this post • Tell-a-Friend • Comments here (6) Minimetro at left foresightedly located provides quick 2 mile trip up to the center. He is a really big nuisance in proving any malicious targeting. If it had been locked, then the conclusion would be it must be Knox, as she and Meredith were the only house mates around that weekend. To explain why she didn’t spot it then, we have the made-up-on-the-spot event, which turns out to be a non-event. They were going to ‘go to Gubbio’, but then they didn’t go.

Reason for not raising the alarm or becoming concerned?

I thought it could be some girl’s menstrual blood and because it disgusted me, I did not attempt to clean it.You’ve read the PR-driven meme that Perugia investigators zoomed in way too quickly on Amanda Knox? Hard to manufacture a reason to zoom in on an Italian male with a rich and connected father and mafia ties. We see from Knox’ statement, she wants to tell the story as though she really was innocent. Perhaps Knox has psychic powers to foresee that it might be found to be locked in the future.Say that investigators were doing little else but ferociously framing Amanda Knox, as John Douglas, Steve Moore and Michael Heavey have claimed again and again (and even so advised the Department of State). She has to imagine and play role what an innocent person would do. She was only there because she wanted to shower and change to go to Gubbio Ah, but what about Meredith’s locked door? Pre-empting and forestalling the tricky question of Meredith’s closed door.As for Knox shock at the poop, Sophie Purton testified to the court: One thing in particular that I remember very well regards Amanda’s habits in the bathroom.Meredith said that Amanda often did not flush the toilet.Well-trained American investigators will say they are lucky to average upward of a dozen sessions a week with people of possible involvement. These things seemed really strange to me because, like I already said, it is customary for all of us to always close the entrance door with a key since that is the only possible way to close it.