Prominent facial expression has only been visible since the series appeared on the Nintendo 64.

Link's creator, Shigeru Miyamoto has said in interviews that his conceptualization of The Legend of Zelda, and of Link, was based on his childhood memories of books, movies, stories and personal experiences.

On the origin of the name "Link", Miyamoto had this to say: "Link's name comes from the fact that originally, the fragments of the Triforce were supposed to be electronic chips.

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He tried to make people identify with Link and have the opportunity to be heroes like the character.

Although at the end of some games, Link becomes vastly talented in physical and magical arts, he usually starts off the game as a regular boy.

is the protagonist of Nintendo's video game series The Legend of Zelda.

He appears in several incarnations over the course of the games, and also features in other Nintendo media, including its merchandising, comic books, and a cartoon series.

The Wii version of Twilight Princess is a mirrored copy of the Game Cube version because most people are right-handed, so the game character matches the real-world hand movements for a larger number of players.

He is known as the "Hero of the Skies" from Skyward Sword; "Hero of the Minish" from Minish Cap; The Four Who are One from "Four Swords"; "Hero of Time" from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask; "Hero Chosen by the Gods" from Twilight Princess (also called the "Hero of Twilight" in fandom); "Hero of Light" from Four Swords Adventures; "Hero of Legend" from Link's Awakening, A Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages, and Oracle of Seasons; "The New Hero of Hyrule" from A Link Between Worlds; "Hero of Hyrule" from the original The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and Breath of the Wild; "The Hero of Trains" from "Spirit Tracks"; and "Hero of Winds" from The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass.Link is the chosen bearer of the Master Sword, a powerful magical sword that is the bane of all evil.As a child, he challenges Ganondorf in order to try to protect Zelda before he inadvertently helps Ganondorf find the Triforce in Ocarina of Time, forcing Link to undo the damage he had caused.(Breath of the Wild is one of a few Legend of Zelda games that lets you mix and match different armour, but the classic tunic and cap can be found) He has long, pointed ears, a distinctive trait of the Hylian race and their descendants.In episode 4 of the Adult Saga in the official Ocarina of Time manga series, "Link Vs.According to Zelda, Link does not talk because with so much at stake, and so many eyes on him, he feels it necessary to stay strong and silently bear any burden. Killigrew in the live action Zelda trailer produced by Rainfall films, an elaborate April Fool's joke by IGN.