Check my FTP page for more on File Transfer Protocol. Check my webcam software page for a few options, or search the web for Webcam Software.

For this option, you will need to obtain a webcam software program. Prices can run from free or just a few dollars to very expensive, depending on brand, version and how you plan to use the software.

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This is not recommended for the beginner because of security issues and complexity of setup.

However, this method can usually deliver the best quality images and can offer a much faster image refresh rate than the FTP method, providing you have a high speed Internet connection.

Software and Drivers Once you have your camera, you then have a choice to make; whether to install the software and drivers that come with the camera or not.

A driver is a special piece of software that allows your computer to communicate with the camera.

Once installed and connected to your webcam, you need to setup the FTP system within the program.

Depending on the software, you may need to build and put in place a web page "wrapper" to show your webcam image.

I'm not going to get into web page construction here because this can become complex and is beyond the scope of this article.

Some webcam programs come with built-in web page builders, others don't; it depends on the program.

FTP If you don't already have a web page, or don't know what FTP is about, this is not the best choice for you to start out with. Once set up and running, this method works quite well and is easy to operate.