Which leads to me to directly challenge the HR professionals reading this.

Very few people in America trust that their HR departments are looking out for them–I’m sorry, but it’s true. As an HR professional, you play a very large role in stopping workplace bullying. You read the damage that bullying can can cause, right?

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Almost 30 years later, the pain still sticks with me even though my days of being bullied have long passed.

If you’re dealing with workplace bullying please trust that the torment that you’re currently dealing with will stick with you years later too–.

You might even be forced to make the impossible choice of leaving your soul-crushing job without the security of another job waiting for you, or even without a savings account.

No one should ever be in that position, but when your physical health, sanity, and happiness hang in the balance, I totally understand making that move.

If you’re dealing with a boss who is known for his bullying, you need to get into “court reporter mode” and stealthily get your documentation on.

One of the things that bully bosses count on is the lack of a quality paper trail from the people who they bully.

By far, bully bosses are the most challenging workplace bullies to deal with.

In order to deal with them effectively, you’re going to need some help, but I’ll get to that later. Unlike with bully coworkers, standing up for yourself might not always play out too well for you.

Everything that you’ve read to this point was written by a former bullying victim.

As a child growing up, I didn’t have the choice to quit.

Don’t take the easy way out by siding with the person who brings in more revenue to the organization, has the longer tenure, more strategic relationships, or the higher title.