Then, he dated singer Miranda Lambert for four years.

Some of the names of his albums are Pure BS and Startin’ Fires, Red River Blue and Cheers, It’s Christmas and Based on a True Story.

He has been very popular in his career and this has made him financially very sound as well.

He has been a part of various TV shows like The Voice, Saturday Night Live and Academy of Country Music Awards.

He has various events and shows lined up and one of them is the show in Melbourne, FL on 21st March.

In 2001, he earned $1200K from selling 1 million copies of his debut album Blake Shelton.

In 2003, he made 9K for selling 500000 copies of his second album The Dreamer.

Shelton is the only coaches whose six mentees won the competition. She previously married to Gavin Rossdale from 2002-2016.

Stefani has three sons from her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale.

In 2013, he made estimated 00K from his album Based on a True Story after selling 1.182 million copies worldwide. As of December 2017, he sold a digital version of 144K copies of his album which cost .49 available on Amazon. He currently resides in New Nashville House which current market value million.