A virus named Metallagmena has infected it's first animal, Injecting cells with an odd DNA fragement causing it to replicate and creating mutants of almost every multicellular organism. (Dead Space)Update: New Necromorphs, abilities and events have been added.... Reports are coming in of strange animals with human-like eyes roaming the streets. From the lazy asshole that brought you Rise of the Fridges, from the crazed mind that gave that lazy asshole who made Rise of the Fridges comes a new fucked up idea.

You're the Virus Enderux with the special configuration to target Homosapiens. A dangerous virus has come to give humanity a bit of a change. Rise of the Microwaves.(insert inception BWOOOONNG here)Screenshots coming soon Al...

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The Cordyceps fungus causes a unique brain infection that exhibits parasitic qualities. I couldn't find any good Icons for the evolution progress :(Twolegs=Humansrouges/loners=not clan cats Kittypets=cats owned my twol... Notice: I'VE GOTTEN SO MUCH POSITIVE REVIEWS AND COMMENTS! ADAM acts like a benign cancer, destroying native cells and replacing them with unstable stem versions. Cartoon Network has been gaining fame and fortune over the years but many other T. channels have taken down their ratings so they're going to takeover the ratings by controlling everyone who watches their show with hidden messages. A wierd type of neurox worm has emerged making everyone feel more into animals. Hey guys, I'm happy for the positive feedback you gave me so I decided to tweak this just a liitle fixing any grammatical erro... Turn all Humans into Warfstache wearing Humans Want to know something about this Virus? v=31Xuq QDewr QThe English in this Costume Virus is Strong............read, because your eyes will bleed... Thankfully, this means that during an expedition to RA-1597-alpha, the main Moon of Soltura, you were found. and your contents are the most lethal thing man could bring to earth. Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy gone mad over singing the same song since 1987 and will now try to stuff any human not wearing a Freddy Fazbear suit into a suit or they might do something else..... Pourrez vous infecter le monde avec le virus Ebola a...1 000 000, 1 000 000...

As a result, the host's body is taken over by the pathogen. What seemed to be an ordinary influenza virus quickly grew to become a global, zombie-creating pandemic that threatens to destroy humanity... The illuminati will spread from person to person, slowly leading the world into a new world order! Infected with an ancient pathogen, that wiped out advanced life once before and as a result created the Dionosaurs. So basically in this disease you control the animatroni... Humanity has learned to rapidly manipulate at the molecular level, and scientists were experimenting at finding a controlled method of creating self-replicating nanobots. We dont know much about it.we know, it came from a land called "Doll of Cuty"... The virus has came to conquer the world after it's fail trying to destroy humanity! Video games are growing in popularity and some developers are taking it up a notch. You can make the kittens become lethal and kill humanity, or you can just make...

Pretend You're Xyzzy is a Cards Against Humanity clone, which is available at cardsagainsthumanity.com, where you can buy it or download and print it out yourself.

It is distributed under a Creative Commons - Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike license.

With this plague, the choice is yours: make ever... It is often called the housecat when kept as an indoor pet. As a strange unclassifiable virus the likes of which mankind has never seen before, infect humanity and kill them through a series of horrific flesh-to-metal transformations. Note: This mod is OP on purpose and is made for quick play and some laughs. A social media trend known as Rick Roll has dominated the internet since 2005. Shrek has broken out of meme jail and is on a rampage, he has obtained his Sniper Rifle and is trying to noscope the whole world, will you help shrek, or become one of the victims of his sleaghutar'e? He looked up to the sky, wondering if we were the only ones in the universe. If he would have gazed for another minute, he would have seen a green shooting star. Le virus Ebola appartient à la famille des filovirus, qui regroupe des virus à l'apparence filamenteuse caractéristique.

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis has mutated so that it can infect humans. Likes to take naps in the sun and plot how to take over the world. A research lab in India had its genetically engineered bacteria stolen. The bacteria, which was created to make animal fusions easier, was unstable and may cause a genetic morph in infected. Based on the 'Clockwork Virus' from the SCP Foundation Wiki.... The warrior cats have grown angry at the constant twoleg invasions in their territories. Kill the humanity with this simple app, before the goverments can ban it world wide! Use steam sales, price drops, hats, and more to destroy all the wallets in the world. Constantly, there are misleading video links that lead to you to the music video of Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up music video. Would he have wished he knew about alien lifeforms? Weyland Yutani has finally found what they have been searching for... The Corporation has built vast research facilities on Earth to study the parasitic lifeforms they discovered. The underwater city Rapture has fallen, but some citizens were able to escape and bring the miracle drug ADAM to the surface. — Fixed default description of "Brony Con"— Fixed "Hasbro's TV Set Give Away 1" has got no requirements (Now it requires TV 2)— Reduced infectivity of "U... Hautement pathogène, ce virus ne doit être manipulé qu'au sein de laboratoires P4.

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With some research, they've come to the conclusion that this virus can b... Recent genetic studies at Area-51 have led to beakthroughs in medicine. So Theodore engineered a new virus to force EVERYONE to make to be a little more infected wit... Are you living in a country where it isn't as celebrated like in America and you wish you could enjoy it more? Tell me this then, do we really know what fully exists in the oceans? As a Broodmother SHOULD doing, you'll command your offspring to infest the planet. Will you help furries make their dreams come true, make them the dominate race?