The slightest look or seemingly unimportant comment can enable them to predict the outcome of a situation.Being more intuitive means that highly sensitive people can also read people far easier than most.This is most likely due to the above; they’re weighing up their emotions with logic.

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Full Bio what you would call a highly sensitive person.

Even those who are incredibly capable of utilising logic and reasoning may have an initial instinct to go with how they feel.

Those who are acutely aware of the way they make choices may take longer to eventually come to a decision.

particularly when it comes to their chosen life partner.

The downside to this is that they take loss particularly hard. Although it’s an ugly word, highly sensitive people also have the ability to hate, or at least dislike passionately, too.If a sensitive person ever says “I know how you feel”, they probably truly do.Highly sensitive people will love with every fiber of their beings.Whether it’s familial or friend related emotions, they will love those closest to them for life.When it comes to romance, they will love profoundly.As people who feel things more deeply, this is hardly surprising.