So he marched up to pulpit, put the devil in front of him, and opened his mouth.

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He wore tight blue jeans spotted with paint, white leather cross trainers, and a t-shirt depicting the crucifixion in life-like detail, Jesus’ chest on the front, Jesus’ back on the back, Dying to Meet You dripping across the top in red bloody letters. “I want you to go ahead and study on what you see.” Behind the pulpit, the two identical images stared down like the eyes of the church itself, filled with fire and rapture and souls pulled into the sky. Man is man and woman is woman, and the devil got that poor intruder trapped in between.” “Yes,” murmured another deacon named Wesley, a smooth-skinned Jacob to Billy Joe’s hairy Esau.

On a road that stretches to the horizon, cars drive into ditches, into telephone poles, into each other. College-educated and well traveled, Wesley had married into Buddy’s church and emerged as its resident theologian.

The advertised “miracle” was actually just photographs of that divine skywriting, on sale in the white shack for $300 each. “He got all the parts, y’see,” Buddy told us one afternoon in the print shop he owned on the main street of town. Reached in and tried to draw up a breast full and soft as a woman’s.

No one in the church had ever seen anything like it, but Buddy wasn’t surprised. “Look it up, it’s in the book.” That’s how we’d found him.

Parturition, while necessary for successful offspring production, requires a considerable parental investment in time and energy, and according to Bateman's principle, almost always burdens the "mother".

Thus, from an optimality model it is usually preferable for an organism to inseminate than to be inseminated.

* * * The next evening we visited the church — a steeple-less, white pine box, striped by narrow windows glowing blue.

One of Buddy’s deacons, Billy Joe, pointed to two colorful pictures on either side of the altar, an empty stage. Billy Joe had come with Buddy and a few other men to meet us in case we’d been sent by the devil ourselves.

One organism will inseminate the other, with the inseminating individual acting as the "father".