Pairs can either compete, with only one individual transferring sperm to the other, or the pair can transfer sperm bilaterally.

Both forms of sperm transfer can occur in the same species, depending on various factors.

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One organism will inseminate the other, with the inseminating individual acting as the "father".

The sperm is absorbed through pores or sometimes wounds in the skin from the partner's stylet, causing fertilization in the second, who becomes the "mother".

Parturition, while necessary for successful offspring production, requires a considerable parental investment in time and energy, and according to Bateman's principle, almost always burdens the "mother".

Thus, from an optimality model it is usually preferable for an organism to inseminate than to be inseminated.

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Other species will alternate which partner transfers sperm, engaging in multiple bouts of fencing with the same partner over time. modesta, bilateral sperm transfer is the most common, especially in similarly-sized mate pairs.

The term also applies to homosexual activity between two males among bonobos; same-sex genital-genital rubbing is used in bonobo society to cement bonds, reduce conflict, and express communal excitement over food.

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