He asked what I did and I told him I write articles about women’s issues, especially sexual assault.“Did you know that 1 in 4 college women will become a victim of sexual assault? Apparently, I’m not the only woman to endure such sexism while dating. We didn’t message each other for too long before agreeing to meet up for a date, and I traded in my usual pre-screening for the thrill of spontaneity.

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If I can’t even make it through a simple meal without an harmfully archaic view of women, it’s no wonder women face such momentous obstacles in every facet of life—from not getting that raise despite having the qualifications to having our bodies seen as public space to not being believed when we report our sexual assaults.

Of course, my limited experiences and the experiences of a dozen women on my Facebook page can’t show the full extent to which this problem actually exists in society, but the dates I went on showed me a pretty accurate scale of the rape culture we’re up against.

In other words, it’s what happens after you mistakenly thought you were being ghosted, via giphy While it’s rather intriguing to see how creative people get when it comes to labeling all the jerk-ish behavior that happens in the dating world (both on and offline), we are completely over them, tbqfh.

We hope nothing but the best for decent people who are weathering the choppy, chilly waters of dating in 2017, but for the love of God and all things nautical, please let submarining and all these other terms sink to the bottom of the ocean, never to return to the surface.

It’s up to men to educate themselves better and open their eyes.

Because our bodies are not anyone’s property, and nobody should believe otherwise.

The burden shouldn’t fall on women to reduce the prevalence of rape culture and subtle sexism.

It’s up to our society to teach our young men better.

Apparently, he would know—his football star friend was once accused of sexual assault.

On another date that admittedly had already began to head south, the topic of sexual assault came up yet again.

It’s the cute guy from your floor who walked you home while drunk, but forced his fingers down your skirt.