Amber was the only member of f(x) that followed Sulli on Instagram and Heechul was famous for treating Sulli like his little sister.

The news of their unfollowing is giving strength to the previous reports that Sulli is officially out of f(x).

”Meanwhile Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, Miss A’s Suzy, Lee Gwanggi, Lee Young Ah, Kang Min Kyeong, Kim Jin Woo, Kwon Min Jung, Rainbow’s Ko Woori, Christina appeared on the show.

My ex-girlfriend dumped saying, ‘Do you really love me? Lee Young Ah, Kim Heechul’s best friend explained, “Heechul is a good guy as a friend, but he doesn’t know what to do with his girlfriend.” Kim Heechul said, “I’m always shy around my girlfriend and if she gets mad at me I just kiss her.

And I spend long time picking a present, but when delivering it, I tend to throw it to her.” His dating style received boos and jeers from the actresses on the show.

It was my way to protect her because once media finds out about dating, it is always female celebrity who gets bigger damage.” He added, “In the meanwhile, I was inattentive to my girlfriend.

When she called me because she missed me, I would go ‘I’m in the middle of the meeting’ and at the end, I got dumped.

I’m single now, but I wouldn’t know what to do when I have a girlfriend in the future.” Another member of Super Junior, Shindong joked, “Women tend to think that they can change Kim Heechul.

They try to change him for about 3 months and they give up: they dump him.There were a lot of negative comments that said 'How bad is it if even Heechul unfollows her'. But it wasn't like that."Kim Gu Ra then asked, "So is [Choiza] and Sulli doing well? [ 124, -11] I don't know why Kim Heechul is the one getting hate for this?ㅋㅋ Sulli's the one who revealed the texts probably because she wanted to show off that he called her 'baby' ㅋㅋㅋ Sulli such a lost case.I'm sure all the guests will be at their loss with their rapid fire sass and snark and it would be hilarious instead of awkward as they are idols and know how to ask things. -ITS BEEN BARELY 1 1/2 DAYS FROM RELEASE NOW THEY ARE DOWN TO #5 ON MONKEY, ;#2 ON MELON AND #2 ON OTHER CHARTS.