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On one date, held on January 8th when Sohee returned from Taiwan, Dispatch captured the pair snacking on rice noodles and exchanging presents.

They also met during Christmas, where they also exchanged presents and went on a Gangnam date in Seulong’s car.

Something which will surely be a huge moment for fans, as it’s due to be her first variety show appearance in four years.

A source confirmed Sohee’s appearance to Soompi, saying: ‘The recording date has not been finalized yet, but the episode will air sometime in mid-March.’ The source also confirmed that rapper and idol Boom is set to appear on the same episode of the show.

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For starters, their extreme height difference is enough to cause fangirls’ hearts to flutter.Ask Us Anything cast member, Super Junior's Kim Heechul, who is known to be a big fan of So Hee, will be reuniting with the former Wonder Girls member on the show.So Hee and Heechul first appeared together in the hit reality show We Got Married.And that’s what’s happening very soon on JTBC’s Ask Us Anything (also known as Knowing Bros), as Ahn So-Hee and Kim Hee-chul will once again share the small screen.Wonder Girls star Sohee has reportedly signed up to appear on the show as a guest.“Although she’s part of the world’s best girl group, she’s still a young teenager,” the source revealed. Seulong was Sohee’s only friend and oppa with whom she could freely talk about her problems.” Their meetings were coordinated in secrecy, and even their other close parties did not know about their clandestine meetings.