The show, Roaring Twenties Live, lasts about an hour. His latest project is a room dedicated to the King of Rock-N-Roll, Elvis Presley.Other unique tours of Bucyrus are the Baja Marine Boat Manufacturing tour where visitors are walked through the entire boat making process; a tour demonstrating the process of recycling; dairy farm operation; and others.

Today, upon request, a group of Bucyrus’s locals provide a show in the authentic Speak Easy where Capone used to dine and drink away the night.

The historical re-enactment showcases singing, dancing and laughter. These include Carl’s Garage where Carl has reenacted a 1950s ambiance in his service station with such an impressive collection of memorabilia it’s hard to believe it isn’t a museum charging admission.

The only company it kept was storage containers, boxes and the like.

Recently, it was cleared out revealing thick brick dining booths and walls – made so that the spray of Tommy Gun bullets couldn’t penetrate and hurt the Mob Boss.

Cooper’s apple butter and jellies are sold far and wide.

But David Cooper isn’t lying when he says, “it’s just like grandma used to make,” because it is.On a sad note, the day David went to buy an automatic mixer, his father-in-law died before he returned.Today, the Cooper’s offer a complete behind-the-scenes tour of the entire production process and visitors get to witness the freshness, quality and care that go into every jar.Cambridge Glass Company in Cambridge, Ohio was chartered in 1873 and National Glass Company out of Pennsylvania organized it a few years later providing land and a building.The Cambridge Glass Company grew and thrived, peaking around the 1930’s.David learned to make apple butter at his grandma’s farm.