And then she says, 'I'm just going to extend the offer, you qualify,'" Jan said.

It turns out all you really get for your three-year membership is the opportunity to create an online video about yourself and and a log-in account to the Mile High Singles database, where half the members or more are unavailable. How do you get a date with somebody that's inactive? A Problem Solvers producer made an appointment with program director Sheryl Mc Dowell, who said she prefers her nickname "The Love Doctor." "We’re extremely selective who we send out the invitation to," Mc Dowell said.

But multiple customers tell the FOX31 Problem Solvers they feel they got taken. Their purpose is to take your money during that interview," said one female customer who asked to have her identity protected because she's embarrassed she paid ,995 for what she thought would be a high-end matchmaking service.

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"She asked what I'm interested in, what I'm doing ...

and I now realize she was finding out my financial situation, which, I'm so naive.

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Jill said she had no plans to reschedule and was done with Mile High Singles.

The dating service used to be known as Great Expectations, but the company got in trouble with the attorney general's office in Arizona and Washington so the Denver affiliate changed its name.

But you will meet quality men." Jan said she met no one and said Mc Dowell spoke more like a used car salesman than a matchmaker. One such review from Rip-Off reads, "They don't tell you how many are in their database or let you search it until you have paid. " Other reviews from Yelp read, "Steer clear" and "Waste of time, not to mention money." "I'm angry angry, I'm upset and I want other people to know," said John, a male customer whose identity was also protected.

Once you do have access what a major disappointment! "Thousands they told me, the word they used was thousands," as in members according to what John was told.

Elite Singles can help your chances of finding ‘the one’ by narrowing down your choices to only those who are truly compatible with you. Our intelligent matchmaking is based on the Big Five Model of Personality psychology which measures your levels of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

Every member needs to complete a personality test in order to get matched with potential like-minded partners.

"Can you tell us why so many of your customers tell us that your dating service is a complete rip-off? Mc Dowell stayed on her cellphone and ignored the questions about her pricing rates. Do you charge based on what you can squeeze out of them? After Mc Dowell went into her office, the Problem Solvers met Mc Dowell's 11 a.m. A woman who only wanted her first name, Jill, used, said she found out about Mile High Singles on Facebook.