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Don’t get your hopes up – the information, if they have even bothered, is often pretty skimpy. The horror of the Grannie Panties After a few weeks of being on-line, I finally had a date. ” “OMG, Mom, you have panty lines.” I am nonplussed “The guy does not care about panty lines.” “OMG” Anne is immediately calling her younger sister Leigh. Mom is wearing her Grannie panties on a date.” Leigh “OMG – you can’t let her go looking like that.” I am still nonplussed “Guys my age don’t care about that.” Both girls together “YES THEY DO!

Your profile is your “marketing piece.” As such, you hope that what you post will attract suitors. I can be sarcastic, but really hope for more in a relationship. Let’s meet and see if there is any chemistry: No interpretation needed. None of it worked for me looking for a man, I swipe left every time, but what if I changed my profile to write what seems to be important to a man? ” I had a choice, I could go commando or wear the Grannie pants and face the horror show of panty lines. While, I thought the date went well, Pete did not give me a second chance.

There are days, like today, when I can get worn out in “Tinder-land.” Tinder, is the of 2018. You see a photo and you can like the person by swiping right or rejecting them by swiping left. My 23 year old daughter, Anne, stopped by to help me get dressed. I had selected a pair of skinny blue jeans, and a cute top, and sandals. ” Anne exclaims, “Mom, what kind of underwear are you wearing?

If you want to base your decision on more than the photo, you can click on “i” to get more information. I had my make-up on, and I stepped out of my bathroom to get the final seal of approval. ” I am confused “The jockey underwear I usually wear.” “Why?

When Grannie is diagnosed with aggressive cancer, she makes one dying wish to Jordan. As the wedding draws near…JT wonders if it’s his heart that needs protecting…from the pain of potentially losing Jordan forever.

JT Murphy has been best friends with Jordan’s older brother Jared since they were in diapers.

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