Others have also found that No Service or Searching network error prompt is due to an incorrect time and date settings on their i Phone.In this case, you can manually set the date, or connect to your wireless network and then set the date/time automatically.Software updates can contain some bugs that may affect device functionalities including its ability to search for cellular signals.

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If none of these workarounds is able to fix your problem and that your i Phone 6s still shows No Service or Searching Network prompt, most likely it’s hardware-related.

In this case, your remaining options would include contacting your carrier or Apple Support then escalate the problem for further assistance and recommendations.

An explanation behind this trick is that the i Phone’s network cable had somehow broke off the board and so dropping or banging the phone would put the cable back to its slot.

But then again, considering the risk of damaging the i Phone, you must only resort to this technique if and only if your warranty is out and nothing else could be done to resolve the problem.

To make sure this is not what’s causing your trouble, try to remove any casing or cover from your i Phone and see what happens after that. Toggle the switch to turn the feature OFF, if needed. Resetting your network settings will likewise reset network information including your Wi-Fi network and passwords, cellular settings, as well as VPN and APN settings you’ve used.

Thus, be sure to create a backup of this information before you begin.

You may consider giving this technique a try, if you already ran out of workarounds and that you’re all willing to take the risks just to get rid of the error.

Here’s how they did the so-called “drop test” or “smack your i Phone on the desk a little” trick to get rid of the No Service prompt: While it sounds crazy, many users have actually found this an effective “temporary” solution in their case.

Here’s how: Step 3: Remove any third-party accessories like casing or covers from your i Phone.