However, not all these suggested methods will actually work in certain cases.

For this reason, you have to persistently search for and try on any other solutions available until the issue is finally resolved.

gpp 3 solutions to updating of firmware-50

This trick involves dropping your i Phone at some height.

While I for one really don’t consider this method appropriate, many of those who have encountered No Service or Searching issue on their i Phones have claimed this trick has fixed it.

This post highlights the most effective solutions and workarounds used to address an issue on the Apple i Phone 6s, in which the i Phone shows a No Service or Searching for Network error in the status bar and can’t connect to a cellular network.

As additional outcome, making and receiving calls, SMS and MMS are also affected.

To reset your network settings, go to Settings- Reset Network Settings.

Step 6: Check time and date settings on your i Phone.

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“Why isn’t my cellular data working on my i Phone 7? ” i OS 11 brings many amazing features to improve the users experience but also carries some problems.

After doing all these, restart the phone with the SIM card in and see if there are any changes.