The Caribs of the Lesser Antilles, a more aggressive tribe, regularly raided the Taínos, allegedly eating the men but keeping the women and children as retainers.

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"We sent rescue teams down, accounted for all the people and obviously are trying to get them out of there as soon as possible," James Wellsted, spokesman for Sibanye-Stillwater, told ENCA television. We are supplying food and water," Wellsted added in a telephone message to AFP.

About 65 people were rescued during the day, with 950 remaining trapped underground by early evening, the company said.

JOHANNESBURG: About 950 gold miners were stuck underground in South Africa on Thursday after a power cut, the mine's owner said, though the workers were not reported to be in immediate danger.

The Sibanye-Stillwater mining company said a massive power outage had prevented lifts from bringing the night shift to the surface at the Beatrix gold mine, near the central city of Welkom.

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Carl Lumholtz: Tarahumara Woman Being Weighed, Barranca de San Carlos (Sinforosa), Chihuahua, 1892; from Among Unknown Tribes: Rediscovering the Photographs of Explorer Carl Lumholtz.He found the men tall, handsome, and good farmers, the women comely, near naked, and apparently available.In exchange for glass beads, brass hawk bells, and silly red caps, the seamen received cotton thread, parrots, and food from native gardens. Glints in the ornaments worn by natives promised gold, and they presumably knew where to find more.What was soon imposed was “the other slavery” that the University of California, Davis, historian Andrés Reséndez discusses in his synthesis of the last half-century of scholarship on American Indian enslavement. The easy-going Taínos were transformed into gold-panners working under Spanish overseers.The Spaniards also exploited the forms of human bondage that already existed on the islands.I also kick ass at multitasking and mastered this when I was something like 16 years old with a couple of jobs, a love of socializing and more college credit classes than I probably should’ve taken on in high school.