Making a name for themselves with bold colors and wild designs, Handup Gloves is continuing on the path to manual domination with additional designs rather than completely new models.

Then a small rack of Outdoor Research gloves came into view.

I've had good luck with OR gloves in the past, but found plenty of duds, too.

I play with ice tools with both gloves and both are still a great fit. I have three pair of trekking gloves for walking on glaciers and doing the odd bit of climbing and I live in Australia. I have a set of custom Sidi gloves in a storage box somewhere, that cost a damn sight more than $169...

So I carry both gloves around the store for a while. I look at some daypacks because Debbie will need a new one for a trip planned for next year. I have three pairs of social gloves and I live in Australia again where the gloves would just be useful to stop sweat pooling on the table in the pub. Very abrasion resistant if thats important to you (ask me how I know). Now if only someone were to start on for woollen trekking socks, cos let me tell you about my feet! Try these guys, I have a set very similar to these that they custom made, though I can't remember the price.

I suspect, like an infectious disease, if your climbing partner has a glove fetish, sooner or later you will be infected and the more climbing partners you have the more it spreads. This has spread to other passtimes like motorcycling and, although I try my best to avoid it, yard work.

The fortunate fact is most gloves suck, otherwise I'd have more of them. Looks like it would be warm enough for individual pitches if not a whole-day climb especially if there's water.

For regular work duties, I use a variety of FG brand gloves from Home Depot.

I have some Carhartt microsuede lined gloves to drive my truck during the cold mornings.

Hello my name is Humphrey and I have a glove fetish. It started out with wearing gloves to work in London and Scotland, my Australian hands were crying out, begging for me to do something to relieve them from the numbness they had come to feel, so I got an innocent pair of calf skin casual wear gloves. Sausage fingers but not the thin sort of sausage that sits daintily on a hot plate and slips effortlessly into a piece of bread at the BBQ.

Its getting cold but my hands are comfortable even without the grip heaters on. Though not fancy like the ones you describe above, I have several pair that I rotate for different purposes.

Fortunately most gloves have fingers that are too long or too short, to wide or too narrow, aren't warm enough, aren't dry enough, are too bulky to provide any dexterity, have a liner that sticks to my hands when damp, slip on whatever I'm holding, fill up with ice and snow when clipped to my harness, wear out too quickly, the list goes on...