Maybe one day, we’ll get a Ghanaian or Ok Cupid (” appeared to be a big issue.

“Sexting” is basically sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs or images.

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Some personal views on sex in Ghana are largely the same but there does appear to be evolving opinions on issues like premarital sex and sexual relations.

On Twitter, there was a topic on #Future Africa Sex which imagined how views on sex and relations would be like in the future in Ghana and other African countries.

I would love to have data on more on this topic but Ghanaians tend to be “shy” and “timid” when asked questions about this.

But one day, more topics like #Future Africa Sex can be discussed and we can have real life conversations. We’ll see where we are in a couple of years down the road when it comes to open discussions about sex and relationships.

The terms “Sliding Into The DMs” and the conversion of emojis like “🍑” and “🍆” into sexual objects has been almost standard on the internet.

But sexting sometimes crosses the line when men tend to send women pictures of their privates either through Snapchat or other social media platforms.

Then the internet age came in and kind of changed a lot of things including perceptions.

There have been good and bad effects caused by the internet in the society.

Because of Snapchat’s “disappearing” feature, sexting became much easier because photos or videos would disappear after they were viewed.

But Snapchat is not the only place where sharing of explicit images and videos happen.

A couple of years ago, people would hardly want to discuss issues of sex in public.