And whatever happens in the vacation stays in the vacation, other than the memories and the thrills, of course.Here is a list of sizzling naughty tips to turn you and your partner on, and increase your libido all at once.

Let your hands slip and slide all over each other, paying special attention to well concealed areas.

[Read: How to get someone to skinny dip with you] #2 Don’t wear underwear A beach isn’t all about the water.

Kissing and letting your hands run in a vacation spot is acceptable and enjoyed by other vacationers, and it’s psychologically a huge turn on for the couple too.

#4 Get an outdoor full body massage Full body massages are relaxing and invigorating.

So if you’re planning to stay on the shore for a couple of hours, make it a point to go commando.

It feels liberating and daring, and yet, no one knows it but you and your partner.

Hiding it and doing the deed can be fun the first few times, but can get quite monotonous and boring after a while.

[Read: Seven sexiest places to have sex] While you’re on a beach in the middle of your vacation, have fun and remember that no one knows you.

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