I have a friend with one who wishes they never got it - and now they are stuck.

This card is of no value, hidden information at the time of applying.

Annual fee due without even activating card, have no intention of using this card, had none when I completed application and learned of fee, didn't have a chance to cancel application when final details were shown. First problem: I applied for two cards on the same day.

Discover gave me a card with a $11k, INDIGO gave me a card with a $300 credit limit. and they will sell your information to other entities.. When I saw it charged fees I thought it was cancelled.

The website is clunky and very slow to update and customer service not helpful. Only gave me a $300 limit with no chance of ever having a higher limit.

But they do report slowly, a month behind all my other credit lines, and I think it will take them two months to figure out and report my cancellation correctly. Just because you have low score doesn't mean you have to settle. I will be cancelling and taking the hit on my credit. I paid Milestone off last month with my bonus money.

Like many people , I'm trying to rebuild my credit, however I don't want to to business with this unscrupulous company that takes advantage of consumers like myself. Run as far away from this card as possible I was not happy with this company because they charged me $99.00 without telling me.. They do report to the credit agencies and my score is improving.

thanks to all for the informative reviews This company didn't do a fucking thing for me but lowered my credit rating with their Bullshit over the limit fee's. Credit Sesame why do you advertise these PRICKS of a company???????????????????????????? I have 2 other cards now and will cancel this card 2 months before the annual feel is due.

Prepaid cards — another common alternative to credit cards — often carry high fees.

They’re also often sponsored by celebrities — and short-lived.

Second problem: As soon as I received the card and activated it, there was a annual fee applied and OWED as a current balance. I see no possible way how it could be utilized to strengthen or benefit your credit rating. It's not worth it even to rebuild your credit or to have a Second or third card. I have capital one platinum card and I have been raised twice and not even had it 3 months. I suspect it's actually the company's real objective (gathering information) to sell to the highest bidder.. I received a card in the mail and tried to cancel it.