All three men were arrested and charged with murder and in January 1987 jailed for their crimes.For the following two years, the region tried to recover from the loss of two well-known and loved residents and were reassured by the fact that the men responsible were behind bars.

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On , fire fighters received reports of a ferocious fire at the store.

Arriving at the scene they battled the flames and discovered Nina Flam at the foot of her stairs badly beaten, burned and barely alive.

John Glendenning was killed and Mary had been severely beaten before they fled the scene.

Mary Glendenning managed to call 911 and give a description of the men responsible.

Within three weeks of his escape, a second horrific attack was carried out at a local grocery store bearing all the hallmarks of Allan Legere.

Sisters-in-Law Annie and Nina Flam ran Flam’s Grocery and they lived on the premises with Nina in the upstairs apartment and Annie in the house attached to the side.Nina had managed to untie herself and free herself from the bed sheets before staggering through the flames and down the stairs before she collapsed.When forensic officers examined the body of Annie Flam they concluded she had been subjected to a similar attack.The sisters had locked up the store as usual and retired to their respective homes for the evening.Nina told police she heard footsteps coming up her stairs and as she got up to investigate, a man burst into her room.Hairs and semen samples were taken from the scene and stored for analysis when a lab capable of carrying out the complex DNA typing comparisons and analysis needed could be found.