All three men were arrested and charged with murder and in January 1987 jailed for their crimes.

For the following two years, the region tried to recover from the loss of two well-known and loved residents and were reassured by the fact that the men responsible were behind bars.

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Nina was tied up, beaten and sexually assaulted before her assailant put her back into her bed, tucking the sheets tightly around her.

He ransacked her room and set fire to it before leaving.

Affectionately known as ‘the Miramichi’, the region within New Brunswick running up the Miramichi River in Canada is a friendly area with a real sense of community in the traditional sense.

The residents of the neighbourhood of Chatham all know each other and the majority have been there all their lives.

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Breed: Dilute Calico Age: Young Sex: Female Size: MMy name is Butterscotch and I was surrendered to the Miramichi SPCA as a stray along with my 6 siblings.

John Glendenning was killed and Mary had been severely beaten before they fled the scene.

Mary Glendenning managed to call 911 and give a description of the men responsible.

Legere was well-known to the police and feared across the criminal fraternities in the area due to his intimidating demeanour, quick temper and preference to resort to violence to get what he wanted.