It allows you to completely erase any calls and text messages that you send, or that come in.

There is no way for anyone to get into your personal correspondence without the key and code for doing so.

From the outside it looks like a way to check on your investments and stocks.

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In this age of technological advances, it is becoming increasingly hard to have a secret affair. The reason why it more difficult is because practically everything that you do is now posted somewhere, all the time.

If you want to lie about where you are, it is easier to get caught.

Facebook allows many security settings to block certain aspects of your profile. – Available On i Tunes & Google Play for Free – Tiger Text This is a great app that allows you to send and receive text messages without them being stored on your phone.

One of the most common ways for people to get caught having extra marital affairs is through their cell phones.

The app automatically uses your GEO location to search for others within a set radius.

This makes tinder a great way to find one-night hookups when you are out of town!

Store all your pictures, and the excitement of your fun, under lock and key.

– Available on Google Play for – CATE Another useful app for someone looking to have an affair on the side.

Tinder There are many online dating sites that were created specifically for hooking up, one such app is Tinder.