Though Lidofsky is gay, she felt compelled to depict bisexuality as its own identity.“Bisexuality is one of the last sexual frontiers that television has yet to explore in a real way,” she said.Solution is to remove the delivery address from your list.

Teach her about body safety Children this age are not too young to learn the names of their genitals and that it's wrong for most people to touch them there.

Usually, your child will be ready for this by the age of four.

That said, unlike many others in the horror genre, the film doesn't sexualize its terror, and the characters in peril aren't just sacrificial lambs -- the filmmakers make you care about them.

Some teens who aren't necessarily gung-ho horror fans may be drawn in by stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman -- but even though the film is well-made and, by the standards of the genre, "tasteful," there's still plenty of shocking violence and high-strung tension (not to mention some swearing, drinking, and smoking), making it better suited for older viewers with strong nerves.

It’s a window into the possible relationships and lives in a city that we might imagine existing but don’t always have access to.” Among Zoe’s renters are a newlywed couple who proposition Zoe for a threesome; a white guy from Silicon Valley who picks her brain for his screenplay; a queer minister whose post-gender dinner party interrupts her date; and a stoner therapist who does a lot of free emotional labor.

Rather than the typical straight-turns-gay, Zoe continues a flirtation with a male barista as well as exploring her first same sex relationship narrative.

A good description of the process is in the above linked article.

Mia Lidofsky has an impressive roster of mentors for having just helmed her first episodic series: After interning for Nicole Holofcener and John Cameron Mitchell early in her career, Lidofsky assisted Jesse Peretz on shows such as “New Girl,” “Nurse Jackie,” and two seasons of “Girls.” “Working for [Peretz] was my film school,” Lidofsky said of her de facto mentor, who is an executive producer on her “Strangers.” The seven-episode series follows a young woman living in Los Angeles who rents out her extra room on Airbnb.

I wanted to create a show that opened up the dialogue around sexuality in what I hope is an honest and genuine way,” she said.

“Strangers” premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Start with basic safety Before trying to teach your preschooler about strangers, have a chat about general safety first.