When we entered 3rd year around ages 14/15 we were allowed to buy a Litesome support from the school PE dept. Looking back it was interesting that the rule was based on what year you were in rather than an individual boy's age or requirement for support. Very much a coming of age aspect, and although they aren't common today I am still glad to say that I, my sons and grandchildren still wear them for sport.Some boys should have been allowed to wear a support much earlier as those shorts offered no support. James James We all wanted to wear a jockstrap at 13 or 14, just as the older boys were wearing them already. Most boys possessed two jockstraps, one with and without a pouch (for a box .. Ronnie To answer your questions: I don't think we had any problems with other teachers (90% were male) watching us.On rare occasions that boy might have a sister probably tagging along because they had to! I certainly don't think any other member of staff apart from the swimming master or house master/tutor would have had the slightest interest in watching us boys otherwise.

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Olderscot, I heard about the tawse in Scottish schools and how it was used liberally by most teachers, just like you describe.

Catching up with the athletic support discussion, I never saw them at school in the '60s, but I didn't do gym after the fifth form and it is possible that the 1st XV had them.

I never wore anything under shorts for gym, athletics, rugby or hockey.

Did female teachers or other females also came to watch?

So Gavin A are you saying swimming galas for your school with parents or the public present were swum naked? It does seem a strange situation, but I suppose some years ago people were not so worried.

Incidentally there was a small documentary on BBC radio about it only a week or two ago.

It probably can still be found on the BBC Radio documentary site in mp3 form.

Yes, some of the boys who had turned 13 did start to resent visitors being present when they were naked. I totally agree with your comments about jockstraps.

All swimming contests with other schools were never in the nude in front of parents and other guests, we wore navy blue speedos (official school colours). In an earlier email I explained how us boys went to the local sports shop to buy one. We continued to wear them for sports even after leaving school and college.

Although not very athletic, I was well developed in that embarrasing area.