Allure Bridals has been a leading bridal gown designer for nearly 20 years.

The collection marries every style from classic to romantic to contemporary to whimsical.

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“I never realized that the biggest mistake I ever made in life would cost me the respect of those most important to me,” he told Kocoras, his voice a murmur.

He rose again when a name pierced the silence of the hushed room: The mastermind behind Beanie Babies—still considered the most successful toy launch in U. history—is among the richest people in America, and one of the most secretive. As he walked to a court lectern in an impeccably tailored dark suit, his ginger-colored hair flaring copper under the stark lights, he looked as tentative as a modern-day Willy Wonka clomping across the plaza of his ruined reclusiveness.

He further lauded Warner for already paying a civil penalty of $53 million (which amounts to just 2 percent of the billionaire’s estimated net worth), plus back taxes. A few weeks later, the prosecution team, led by the U. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, Zach Fardon, filed a notice of appeal for a new sentencing hearing.

(At presstime, Fardon’s office was still awaiting approval from the Department of Justice.) But reversing the sentence of a federal judge is a long shot, so the mysterious man behind Banjo the Dog and Buzzie the Bee is likely to triumph.

The bridal collection designed by celebrity event planner and wedding expert, David Tutera is unlike any other!

Every gown is one your guests, and groom, will remember forever.

or an intensely private billionaire, one who had spent much of his adult life behind an impenetrable wall of plush, January 14 had to have been as agonizing as a bolt-up-in-bed naked-in-the-classroom night terror. Courthouse, the media and onlookers straining for a glimpse at the entrepreneur who has been called Chicago’s Howard Hughes. His eyes darted behind rose-colored lenses set in tortoise frames. His hands fumbled with a set of headphones provided to help him better hear the arguments on which rested the potential for an even more unthinkable indignity: prison. A few months earlier, in federal criminal court, Warner had wept as he pleaded guilty to that most clichéd of rich-people crimes: stashing millions (by the time he was caught, more than 0 million) in a Swiss bank account and lying about it to the Internal Revenue Service.

Yet, with no choice left him, there he stood, like a circus curiosity on full display, in the harsh fluorescence of a packed 23rd-floor courtroom in the Everett M. “He looks like he should be in a wax museum,” someone whispered. “This is a crime committed not out of necessity, but greed,” argued federal prosecutors in a sentencing memo to the judge.

With beautiful details like crystal encrusted necklines, hand-beaded embroidery and opulent laces, the David Tutera Collection for Mon Cheri Bridals has the wow factor. From the talented designer Sophia Tolli, this bridal collection is an inspiration for Brides.