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Now (very suddenly in the scheme of things) when a man finds a female attractive, and she's under 18, he's a criminal?

This last century is the only time the world seems to have forgotten that.

It was only made "wrong" my laws made recently by mankind, was fine for millenia Anonymous: @ Anonymous: Asshole the other species will never self impose an age limit to reproduction because they do'nt use they mind.. that's why some shit on the same place they eat Anonymous:  ZJRg ABAQAAAQABAAD/2w CEAAk GBx MTEh UTEh MVFh UXFRca Fxg XFRc XFxc XGBc XFxc XFRg YHSgg GB0l HRUWITEh JSkr Li4u Fx8z ODMs Nygt Lis BCgo KDg0OGx AQGi0l I CYt LS0t Ly0t LS0t LS0t LS0t LS0t LS0t LS0t LS0t LS0t LS0t LS0t LS0t LS0t LS0t LS0t Lf/AABEIAR0As QMBIg ACEQEDEQH/x AAb AAAABw EAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQIDBAUGB//EAEAQAAEDAQQGCAMHAw QCAw AAA AEAAh EDBBIh MQVBUWFxg QYTIp Ghsc Hw Ml LRBy NCYn Lh8RSCkh Wist Izwk Njc//EABk BAAIDAQAAAAAAAanony mouse: Old enough to bleed is old enough to breed.

If two people are consenting and both at the age capable of reproduction, its natural.

Anonymous: These Muslem girls at least made a decent looking rocket with a tube, plastic bottle, paint and paper.

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