He started as an e Bay seller, then slowly graduated to building & marketing his own websites and consulting others to do the same.

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The first thing that you need to understand is that while one provider might consider you high riskā€¦another may not.

It all depends on their risk department (underwriting) guidelines.

Even though I have excellent credit, 0 debt, and I have good savings, I got turned down by stripe because they say my type of business, healing/coaching is high risk.

I have used Pay Pal for 9 years and no one has asked for a refund.

Guys actually receive messages from horny women on My Bed or Yours.

Here for fun:) I'm fuller figured with lots of energy and passion.

Most of our members are simply busy people with no time for a serious relationship and need a convenient way to find sexual satisfaction without the hassles that come with a relationship.

Others are married people looking for some extra-marital excitement or couples seeking other couples for swinging fun.

Have you already been turned down by a few credit card processors?