Reboot into Windows Now remove the installation disc and reboot. Substitute the name of the account to reset and a new password as appropriate.

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Copy The final step we must take to restore access is to restore the file we overwrote in step 4.

To do so, click 'Start Accessories', right-click 'Command prompt' and select 'Run as Administrator'. Download Ophcrack To crack an unknown password, we need to use a heavy duty password cracker like Ophcrack. To get started, insert a blank, formatted DVD-RW, then right-click the downloaded image and select 'Burn disc image'.

To make any change with the protected document, you need to enter your password to unlock the document. Here I am going to show you a simple way how to remove forgotten Word password when you need to make a change with your protected Word 2016/2013/2010/2007 document.

This method only works with Word document protected with modify password.

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Ever forgotten your Windows password and locked yourself out of your PC?

This command results in text ending in partition= and a drive letter.

This is the letter you should use instead of C in the following step.4. Take care to ensure that you use the correct driver letter in place of C: copy c:\windows\system32\c:\ and copy c:\windows\system32\c:\windows\system32\

It's straightforward and uses your Windows 7 installation disc, which contains all the tools you need to get in and change the password. We'll replace the Sticky Keys executable with a command prompt, so that even without logging in, we can pull up a command line and change the password, then use it to log in.