It's straightforward and uses your Windows 7 installation disc, which contains all the tools you need to get in and change the password. We'll replace the Sticky Keys executable with a command prompt, so that even without logging in, we can pull up a command line and change the password, then use it to log in.

If you don't have a Windows installation disc, one option is to load up a password cracker.

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Switch on your PC, and when you're given the option to boot from DVD, quickly hit any key to boot.

After Windows loads its installation files, you'll be shown the language setup page.

I'm wondering if there is an easy way to unlock it or get the computer to remember the password itself with a hint or something.

How to Unlock a Word Document under Windows Seth Teller, August 2009 Some authors (for example, of forms to be filled out) "lock" their documents under Windows.

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Ever forgotten your Windows password and locked yourself out of your PC?

It's a nightmare, but there are several ways to get back in.

We're going to explore the method a professional hacker would use to get into your PC.

This is exactly what we'll do using the industry standard Ophcrack.