I am particularly turned off by sites who use women who work professionally in the sex industry, though I don't mind too much if they're hot.

It's all about the looks and of course what she does in the private room.

At Live Web Date the models are prettier, younger and they really want to show you a good time on cyberspace.

Sure, there are a lot of surfers out there whose main purpose is to tease.

Still men are men and if they like a live cam model, they'll definitely spend money on her.

Well, maybe one of these days I'll catch her online.

Because it costs a pretty dough to chat with the girls, I can only give you what I think of LVN based on a two-minute chat with two of the women. The two girls are pretty accommodating but not as charming as the free sites I've checked out, like Live Web Date.

I was kind of hoping I will get to talk to Administrator.

Yes, a really hot babe at LVN actually calls herself Administrator.Called LVN for short, Live Video Network has a very warm-looking site to greet new members.It has a pitch-black background which kind of reminds me that outside the room of the model I'm viewing right now it's almost midnight.I mean why else would I be live-caming here instead of at home?The models here at LVN are generally older women in their thirties.In my experience, when a live cam model is hot and tries her best to satisfy your every whim (well, almost) then you got to get her for some one-on-one, as long as the price is reasonable.