I guess the girls know what the site owners don't realize.

To get surfers to take out their credit cards, you've got to give them a clear idea of what they're going to get.

Now I don't know if she's actually THE Administrator of the site, but the pictures of this 36-year-old makes me want to go mature.

I was willing to part with fifty bucks to get this chick fingering herself in front of me.

Well, maybe one of these days I'll catch her online.

Because it costs a pretty dough to chat with the girls, I can only give you what I think of LVN based on a two-minute chat with two of the women. The two girls are pretty accommodating but not as charming as the free sites I've checked out, like Live Web Date.

The way I see it, webcam or live cam models must have at least one of two things: the looks and the charm.

If the LVN models have either looks or charm then they'll have no problem making money later in the private chat rooms.I was kind of hoping I will get to talk to Administrator.Yes, a really hot babe at LVN actually calls herself Administrator.So, the question is, does this site offer free video chatting?The answer is no, and if you decide to go no further with this review, I'll totally understand.Called LVN for short, Live Video Network has a very warm-looking site to greet new members.