However, there is a huge difference between these two conceptions.

Dating doesn’t actually put any serious obligations on both partners – it is mostly about getting to know each other and enjoining romance.

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Passport: Surprise your spouse with a renewed passport – and tickets to an exotic destination.24.

Surf board: A true wave rider can never have enough boards.25.

Consider visiting a memorable spot like the site of your first kiss, the beach where you took your first trip together or a favorite shared restaurant.

So long as the destination has meaning for the both of you, it can be a great addition to a first anniversary – especially in combination with some personalized gifts.

For some reason people tend to assume that men have to do all the planning when it comes to an anniversary.

However, women are just as involved in the relationship as guys and should be equally responsible for the anniversary’s success.While these are far from the only options for a romantic first anniversary, they should help you get the creative juices flowing for a memorable occasion. Pictures: Framed photos and prints – whether personal or by a favorite artist – are always meaningful gifts for that first year.2. Books: Instead of just picking up a title by your sweetie's favorite author, try scoring an autographed copy or even an out-of-print collectable tome.7. Recycled paper décor: For a décor enthusiast, try an edgy home accessory made of recycled paper products.11.e Reader: A nook or a Kindle is the gift that keeps on giving. Watch: A designer watch – or one passed down through your family; either way, a time-honored classic for your anniversary.27.Engraved wall clock: Commemorate your love with a wall clock bearing your anniversary date.28.By this point, you’ve likely become more comfortable and view your partner not only as a lover, but as one of your best friends.