This chat is extended in the most beautiful manner to the Mobile apps.

The Chat system in this Dating software is built using premium technologies that are usually employed by big players like Slack, Whatsapp, etc.

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Just about anything related to dating site scripts Built on a powerful API architecture, you can extend the dating site script and build on it using our Open API system to even create your own dating website apps.

Solid Backend that Powers Under the Hood The Best Dating Script that is Very Developer Friendly The only best dating site script with both plugin & theme developer documentation and Mobile API documentation to build your own dating website apps.

Right from signing NDA and contract signing for a major custom work till delivery, they showed great professionalism This cutting edge dating framework software enables you to start a dating site with the option to extend to dating website apps through APIs in whatever niche you'd like. What do you call the most meticulously crafted, dating site script that is coupled with the cutting edge technology?

It's called a PERFECT MATCH And Its what The Best Dating Script is made of.

My FWB is exactly what I wanted and needed...was looking for the same thing as me. I met two single guys and had responses from many more. I am in my 40's and I got responses from men ranging in age between 18 and 65 but the majority were between 35 and 45. That said, I've met more girls and better quality off CL than anywhere.

(not really a dating site, I know) If I want to fish, may as well fish where the fish are... There are a lot of men that I had to weed through...though I was on there for lack of sex that's not all I wanted... Key to craigslist is to minimize your investment, because there's a ton of bullshit, scamming, and fake stuff going on.

Chatting boosts user engagement and increases retention on the site.

Dating Framework boasts a robust chat system that works beautifully.

Notifications are strategically placed for maximum conversion.