I take the Bible as the accurate inspired word of God, as I have done since my youth.

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The immensity of this subject is more than book length.

In fact it would require many books, particularly to explain to those with limited science backgrounds.

I have previously talked about radiometric age-dating and geologic processes, but I understand how people could be suspicious of these lines of evidence for one reason or another. These growth rings have been successfully matched with known historical events for hundreds of years back, and they correspond accurately with radiocarbon dating.

So, to address a more straightforward subject, I am going to next talk about tree rings, i.e. I am not a dendrochronologist but the basis for this age-dating is simple. Attempts to discredit their age dating accuracy on the basis of Noah's Flood and other reasons have not met with success.

Due to the fact that my time and energy for writing on this subject is limited, all I can do is bite off a single small piece of this at a time. The single topic I am addressing in this note is the 6000 year threshold as it relates to the age of the Earth.

There are not many areas that I can speak with true authority, but this is one of them. If one assumes the days of creation in Genesis are consecutive 24-hour days (with no time preceding them), and that the genealogies listed in Scripture are accurate, this leads to an age date for the Earth, and the physical universe, of close to 6000 years (6017 as possibly a more precise calculation).

As stated in my introductory blog, there are theoretical and theological reasons why the Earth could truly be 6000 years but this does not change the fact that it appears much older.

My reasons for believing the Earth is much older are many.

In a different but somewhat similar line of evidence, age dating has been done on glacial ice in a number of places.