This is only one reason why knowing how much Facebook Ads cost is so important.

As we mentioned above, a lot of factors directly or indirectly affect the cost of Facebook Ads.

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If they react positively (such as interact with it or click it to a landing page), the score goes up; if they react negatively, by telling Facebook they don’t want to see the ad, the score goes down.

The higher your relevance score is, the less you’ll pay on ads; Facebook directly confirmed this. We ran the same ad twice, once with strong targeting (relevance score of 8) and once with poor targeting (relevance score of 2.9).

Keep in mind that a high relevance score won’t automatically mean high conversions—your copy might still need tweaking—but the ad itself will be considered relevant, and that will mean a lower cost.

Your relevance score will likely continually change as more users interact with your ad.

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It’s important to note that Facebook works like an auction.How much your ads will actually cost—and how much you’ll get for what you pay—will depend on a variety of different factors.Here are some of the biggest factors that directly influence the cost of Facebook Ads.If you don’t, Facebook will automatically calculate a bid for you based on your budget and how long you choose to have your ad run.Here’s the thing: Facebook Ads is a popular place, and you aren’t handing over a stack of cash and getting an ad. Plenty of other advertisers are trying to get that same ad space in a users’ Newsfeed, too, and Facebook limits the number of ads each user sees.If, for example, I sold yoga equipment, I might think I’d only have to worry about other brands that sold yoga or fitness products. You’re in direct competition with every other marketer who wants access to that particular customer.