APimples, blackheads or spots on face or body which are bumps over the skin are all signs of Acne that appear when your skin gets plugged with oil or dead skin cells.

More than 10 million cases of Acne exist every year in India.

Options for treatment include lotions and pills that are anti-histamines and reduce the inflammation in the skin.

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Most cases heal with time and do not require long term therapy or maintenance medication, however a small minority of patients might have developed a immune response to the allergen and will require a daily dose of maintenance.

You can ask your doctor for other better treatments in medicine or alternative medicine to cure the illness completely.

Salicylic acid is another treatment that is prescribed in monitored dosages when other treatments fail.

But misuse can again cause adverse effects and sometimes systemic reactions and hence need a dermatologist’s opinion to keep those in check.

Most cases of hairfall are treatable and can be helped.

Hair and skin respond to care very closely, although take time to show effect.Others may heal and may never recur, like contact dermatitis in babies (also called diaper rash).Your Dermatologist will counsel you about chances of your disease recurring.Acne is usually self-limiting but in some cases can leave scars that don’t fade easily.It is a treatable condition that usually heals with time although relapses may occur. Face to Face Chat is the place where Face to Face fans chat with all music lovers especially people who love Face to Face. If you want to chat about Face to Face only, please click JOIN or log in.