John Speed subsequently included the arms in his 1611 atlas, “The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine” where they appear twice on a map of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy, once on a decorative column at the left of the page, denoting the “founders” of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, where “Erkenwyn” is seen holding a shield bearing the design and again on the actual map John Speed qualified the description that they were used by the ancient East Saxon kings with the phrase “as some of our heralds have emblazed”.There is, as yet, no definitive origin for the three seaxes as the arms of the Kingdom of Essex.We reckon that a day's walk from Foxearth represents the Local Area for the local residents.

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The three white seaxes (short Saxon swords) with gold pommels on a red field were the arms ascribed to the ancient kingdom of the East Saxons, or Essex, by Richard Verstegan, who, in his 1605 work “A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence”, printed in Antwerp, stated that “Erkenwyne king of the East-Saxons did beare for his armes, three [seaxes] argent, in a field gules” i.e. He cited no authority for his assertion but appears to have been confident about it.

Originally constructed in 1820 as a corn exchange, a third storey was added in the early twentieth century when the building was assigned its new purpose.