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In the first he contends that the mediaeval herald who completed this work, following the contemporary practice of referring to Hengest and Horsa, the legendary founders of the Kingdom of Kent, as generic “Saxons”, may have invented the seaxes as “canting arms“, where the devices on a shield are visual references to the names of the people who bear them – this is a common heraldic practice; the herald assigning these to Kent on the grounds that that was the first “Saxon” kingdom to be established.

Alternatively, he suggests that the design may commemorate a gruesome but significant chapter in the annals of the founding of the kingdom, the so-called “Treachery of the Long Knives“, recorded by Nennius and made famous by Geoffrey of Monmouth, when Hengest’s forces, gathered to negotiate with the Brittonic (British or ancient Welsh) ruler Vortigern, concealed their seaxes under their cloaks.

The Essex Chronicle, published in Westway, Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom, is a general news, weekly paper founded in 1764 and now owned by Local World, who acquired previous owner Northcliffe Media from Daily Mail and General Trust in 2012.

The paper began in 1764 and made news in 2002 when operations moved from the original press location of Chelmsford to the West Country.

This includes a set of arms ascribed to the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy, the seven kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxon era from approximately the late fifth century to the ninth.

Remarkably, the arms featured in this work for the Kingdom of Kent, depict three seaxes! Lloyd has proposed two theories regarding this set of arms.

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The three white seaxes (short Saxon swords) with gold pommels on a red field were the arms ascribed to the ancient kingdom of the East Saxons, or Essex, by Richard Verstegan, who, in his 1605 work “A Restitution of Decayed Intelligence”, printed in Antwerp, stated that “Erkenwyne king of the East-Saxons did beare for his armes, three [seaxes] argent, in a field gules” i.e. He cited no authority for his assertion but appears to have been confident about it.

At a dinner on Wednesday evening at the University where the Vice Chancellor and learned Professors together with the directors of Anglia Ruskin were present, Princess Elettra thanked all concerned in honouring her with the degree which she accepted with great pleasure.

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