They should be troubled in conscience that so many, our brothers and sisters, live without the sense of purpose and consolation that come from knowing Jesus Christ and without a faith community for support (EG 49).

Francis was schooled in the Spiritual Exercises of the Jesuit founder Ignatius of Loyola He reveals the focus of his own life by mentioning the personal name ”Jesus” 125 times in Evangelii Gaudium..

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Francis said clergy should be shepherds looking after the people, but knows they can be tempted and corrupted by power.

When they take from the people instead of giving, simony and other corruption can follow.

Francis has cut his own path and let others speculate on the consequences.

He has shown a predilection for dialogue, not controversy.

careerism and the search for a promotion [to the hierarchy] come under the category of spiritual worldliness", deceitfully trying to appear holy. He said of clerical vanity: "Look at the peacock; it's beautiful if you look at it from the front.

But if you look at it from behind, you discover the truth. Whoever gives in to such self-absorbed vanity has huge misery hiding inside them". And then these little monsters mold the people of God. Francis described the Church’s “temptation to triumphalism, ...

Francis emphasized that the "hour of the laity" had arrived and decried clericalism as rife in the Church, saying that it “leads to the functionalization of the laity, treating them as ‘errand boys [or girls]’ ”.

And through clericalism a priest "can become seduced by the prospect of a career, ...

These emphases emerge from the various sections in this article, on the Church's mission and leadership, on its pastoral sense and liturgy, and on charity as the foundation for morality and as motivation for environmentalism today.

The apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, released eight months after his election, has been described as his programmatic, "a core document of this pontificate", In Chapter One of Evangelii Gaudium (EG) on “The Church’s Missionary Transformation”, Pope Francis speaks of his dream of "a missionary impulse capable of transforming everything, so that the Church’s customs ...

and structures can be suitably channeled for the evangelization of today’s world rather than for her self-preservation" (EG 27).