Being prepared on how to deal with it can help your child with their own romantic relationships, but it will also ensure that you maintain your bond and stay connected with your child while they’re going this very intense and exciting period.Beginning romantic relationships is a major part of growing up.

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Not surprisingly, adults think about adolescent relationships in ways that reflect what we know about our own relationships.

We might also apply things we’ve learned from research, but most of the relationship research done so far has involved adults.

You may even feel the urge to discourage your child from pursuing relationships in their teens, but the truth is it won’t always work.

Teenage relationships come naturally with adolescence, just like acne, facial hair or mood swings- it’s completely normal, so it’s best to embrace it! There are a lot of emotions involved when teens start dating.

The single most important thing you can do as a parent is to be a positive role model, by engaging in respectful relationships with the friends and family that you yourself care about.

This is critical to your child being able to understand what a respectful and healthy romantic relationship looks like, and how to create one.Approaching adolescents with respect and understanding about their relationship experiences gives us a much better chance of having a positive impact.In some cases, we might be able to reduce risks and even prevent harm.It can be uncomfortable for some parents to come to terms with their child dating.It’s normal to feel scared, worried or sometimes sad about it.Teens are gaining more autonomy from their parents.