And love is the tool scammers use to pry open your bank account and strip you of your assets.By learning how to spot a scammer, you can protect yourself.Of that, 70% should be about you, 30% should describe your ideal partner.

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Anyone can list a bunch of adjectives and call it a day.

But not only is that boring to read, there’s absolutely no context to back up the claims.

Highlight all your best features in an interesting way, and the odds are good that she’ll reply to your message and want to meet you in person. Using simple, easy-to-digest wording increases your likeability.

It also makes your profile easy to skim, which is important because people tend to multitask when it comes to browsing profiles, just like you probably do.

For instance, instead of writing something like “I’m an incredible photographer,” consider including your Instagram, and let her draw that conclusion on her own.

In a nutshell, let other sources “toot the horn” for you.

Studies have shown women are naturally drawn to those qualities.

Here is an example of two-paragraph intro that catches her interest, and showcases an attractive sense of adventure: Just take care not to sound like you’re bragging.

That mistake will make you seem both less attractive and less trustworthy.