We have monthly brunches along with regular Ladies Nights and you’re welcome to post if you just want to grab a coffee with a new face!Since most of us use our ovens a la Carrie Bradshaw (it’s extra wardrobe space, yeah?) which begs the question – what were you even doing with your life before this little ray of sunshine came into it? Finding a decent place to live is one of the biggest challenges for new (and experienced) expats in Dubai, and Nestpick provides an alternative to THOSE frustrating accommodation websites.

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Ask to join if you’re looking for cool ladies to hang out with.

Whether you’re fresh off the boat and dying to make friends or you’ve been here years and just want to meet new people, you can find like-minded women in our private group.

You get an online valuation, make an appointment and the sale is guaranteed to be complete within half an hour.

Different countries have different practices, views, and preferences in dating.

) and try something completely new the next day (or umm, when you’ve recovered).

Use discount code ‘WIYS’ for 30% off your first month’s Guava Pass membership! If you’ve only recently moved, the mere name will have you rolling your eyes.

Unless of course, your company provided your accommodation.

Dubai’s answer to Gumtree is new expats’ lifeline in those sweaty first weeks, when you spend night after night trawling its pages for an apartment that actually has real walls and doesn’t look third-worldly.

Their forum is also hugely helpful, particularly for those relocating who want to chat to people who have already made the leap.