Their forum is also hugely helpful, particularly for those relocating who want to chat to people who have already made the leap.

Selling a vehicle in the UAE can be a nightmare, but Beep lets you sell your car in just 30 minutes. I’d love to hear what makes life here easier for you!

They buy any make and model and the whole process is simple – and free! Dubai FAQs Starting my new life in Dubai If you found this article helpful, please share it on social media and follow While I’m Young on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We’re too busy hurtling down Sheikh Zayed Road towards the next fancy brunch or elaborate club night, or working until the sun goes down.

Whether you can’t face cleaning up after a party or you’re looking for someone trustworthy to come regularly and keep your place sparkling, Helpling offer home cleaning from as little as 35 AED per hour.

), we tend to order food online, sit back and wait for our apartment buzzer to ring.

It helps that you can get basically anything delivered to your door here, and Food On Click has a vast selection of eateries just waiting to serve you, along with customer service agents ready to save the day (and your stomach) if anything goes wrong.

This website holds an absolute wealth of essential information for living in Dubai, not exclusively of interest to women – though it is a safe place to ask and answer questions.

The topics covered range from family woes and healthy recipes to financial and legal information about things like getting divorced in the UAE and property laws.

Some countries are more liberal in their practices than others, while some are very traditional and conservative. Dating in Dubai is more or less similar to dating practices in other places.