I am sad for this lady, because the Internet is full of scam artists, and who doesn’t want to believe in love?

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I guess my conservative upbringing is to blame, but I think even if I were the victim of an Internet romance scam, I would draw the line at going on TV to defend it.

What does Dawn have to lose if it turns out David is a fraud?

Dawn said that if David does exist, she is excited for the great life they could have together. Dr Phil made a list of the dozens of treacly pet names David has used in love letters to Dawn, which she admits drew her in. But Dr Phil had his producer search for part of the content of her love letter.

In his third email to Dawn, David wrote what Dr Phil admitted was a touching and seemingly heartfelt letter. It was found in hundreds of places around the Internet. Heather, Dawn’s daughter, said it is ridiculous that he claims to be employed in a secret capacity by the US government.

She said she would be delighted to finally meet him in person.

Tania, Dawn’s daughter, thinks this is a form of brainwashing, and given that Dawn has given “David” ,000 over the last seven months, I am inclined to agree, but I am trying to keep an open mind and a straight face.Of course there is the money, but more than that, him being fake would break her heart.She also wanted to prove to her family that he is real.Have today’s guests been victims of online dating scams?Dr Phil opened the show by sharing a seemingly loving statement about someone who is happy and affectionate toward a partner.Dr Phil talked with Dawn, who may have been the victim of an online dating scam, and her family, who is concerned that she has been taken in by a con artist.