The committee report vindicated the CSE findings and said it is prudent to seek complete freedom from pesticide residues in sweetened aerated water. Analysed pesticide residues in blood samples of farmers in Punjab, where pesticides are commonly used in agriculture.

You never know when someone will read it and make change.

The idea will then explode." Down to Earth has undertaken initiatives to bring awareness among people on common issues: Tested endosulfan traces in environmental and human samples from Padre village in Kasaragod district of Kerala.

Endosulfan was aerially sprayed in the cashew plantations in the area.

High traces of endosulfan was found in every sample After the test results were released the Union government ordered its own scientific institutions to study the health problems.

The Punjab government ordered a study and immediate health remediation measures.

Later, the government formulated organic farming policy for the area.

The album was certified Platinum and has sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide.

Excluding his contributions to re-recordings of Ozzy's earlier material, Down to Earth is the only Osbourne studio album to feature bassist Robert Trujillo, who left to join Metallica in 2003.

The magazine informs people about environmental threats facing India and the world.