They were planning to settle down and were actually house hunting.

It’s the second time Frankie has done this after she dumped him in February but came back in tears and said she made a mistake.’Meanwhile, a friend of Sandford confirmed the romance was well and truly over. They split earlier this year but got back together to make things work but sadly it didn’t.

‘We got to a point where we needed time apart,’ she says.

‘It was all getting a bit much and we decided to take a break.

I’ve always wanted to get married one day and have my own family.

But not just now.” Advertisement Referring to her boyfriend, she said: “This is going to sound really weird, but I knew we’d get on, even before we’d actually met.” “When we were younger, magazines would often ask him who he liked, and he’d always say me, even though he didn’t really know me.” “When I was in S Club Juniors I thought he seemed nice, and when we met, I was like, ‘Yeah, this is definitely right’.” Source : Tuesday, Frankie Sandford is glad she’s reunited with Dougie Poynter.

“Fortunately, Mc Fly were first on the bill at 3pm, so the girls were able to stay out of the way until their stage slot later in the afternoon.

“They didn’t get to Towneley Park until Mc Fly had headed off to another gig in Doncaster.” Here’s my video from Towneley Live from the weekend – All Fired Up 🙂 Source: The Mirror According to an early post by The Sun, Frankie has ‘dumped’ Dougie because he liked ‘mucking about with his mates’ and Frankie ‘preferred going to West End Clubs’.

The Saturdays, whose single All Fired Up is out next month, were playing on the same bill as Mc Fly at the Towneley Live festival in Burnley at the weekend.

To avoid any awkward encounters between ex-lovers Frankie, 22, and Dougie, the girls hid out at nearby Burnley FC – and made sure that Mc Fly had flown the coop by the time they showed up at the festival site.

Ellie is currently recording her third album in London, but has been taking time out from her busy schedule to see her boyfriend as much as possible, and flew out to Australia in February to join the band on tour.

The pair confirmed that they were dating in May and have since made no secret of their affection for each other, often posting sweet photos together to their social media accounts.

I’d never had to face that before and I couldn’t bear it.” The 21-year-old also discussed reports which linked her to Cheryl Cole’s ex-husband Ashley Cole. “I never appreciated what I had until I threw it away,” she said. I’m still too young to get married but he’s the one I’d like to have kids with some day. According to More, the singer, who recently reunited with Mc Fly star Dougie Poynter said that she hopes to marry in the future but isn’t in a rush to tie the knot.