David De Angelo, as a member of the Seduction Community as a whole, often comes under fire by women and men who advocate "just being yourself", but is just as strongly defended by his proponents who argue that these opinions are based on ignorance of his actual material.

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He suggests that societal conditioning has programmed many modern men to develop involuntary habits that increase the failure rate of consistently attracting women or negate the attractive qualities that were designed to make women want them.

"Pickup lines cause you to lose before you even begin" since they "don't usually elicit positive and rewardful responses; instead they breed negative reactions." De Angelo states in one of his advanced dating technique seminars that people can use his techniques to achieve a variety of goals, whether that goal is to have casual sex or to form more lasting relationships.

By employing a combination of cockiness balanced with humor, a man can set himself apart from other men in a woman’s eyes.

This attitude gives him the edge – he appears confident, and funny.

Since then, De Angelo has released many products aimed at helping men with dating, with titles such as the Advanced Dating series, 77 Laws of Success With Women and Dating, Deep Inner Game, and Meeting Women Online.

De Angelo claimed in July 2007 that he employs two hundred people, all working remotely, and that his various product lines (Double Your Dating, Catch Him & Keep Him, Get Altitude De Angelo argues that much human social behavior is related in some way to sexual reproduction, and that human mating habits do not differ significantly from other species.The biggest appeal of his products is that he doesn’t pretend to have all the answers. For example: In 2010, a group of corrupt scientists discovered a “strange” loophole in the way women think. So, I tested it out for myself and broke it down into “common man” steps you can take. how to attract that woman you’ve got your eye on RIGHT now… He brings in guest “experts” and explores ideas, rather than lecturing on the right and wrong way to do things. The trouble with this “Interviews With Dating Gurus” CDs… They discovered a simple, three question sequence you can ask ANY woman to get her turned on… And because you’re interested in becomming a more confident man, I’d like to share this information with you, as well. In the video, I’ll show you the three questions you need to ask any woman to get her into bed… So many men are looking for an "Instant Fix" when it comes to beefing up their pick-up game. I can remember when I used to believe that being a "nice guy" was the way to...One of the easiest techniques of David De Angelo's entire repertoire of dating tips to master is the Cocky Comedy... This is book with slides to David de Angelo DVD Seminar "Body Language".Unsourced or poorly sourced contentious material must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful.