The catalyst for his decision was the death by suicide of three gay friends.

Often, information comes to light many years after the incident occurred.

If you have any information that you believe may assist us in solving these cases, please call the Clearwater Police Hotline at (727) 562-4080 or email Crime Tips. White male, 30 years of age Case#: 01-29813 Date Last Seen: 10/31/01 Location: Pro Shop Pub, 840 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL Thompson was last seen on October 31, 2001 leaving a local gay lounge, the Pro Shop Pub, located in Clearwater.

Name: Sandra Colton Season: 1 Where She Is Now: Sandra is now the Editor-in-Chief at a publishing company called Dance Track Magazine. which is about how to become a successful working dancer in Hollywood.

Name: Faina Savich Season: 3 Where She Is Now: Faina is currently a Judicial Intern at the New York State Supreme Court and is expected to graduate from Fordham Law School in 2014.

However, she still makes sure to keep dancing in her life and is a dance instructor at Arthur Murray Dance Center.

She is also a regular dancer at Mc Donald Selznick Associates. After returning to the United States from Mexico, Schwimmer learned that his girlfriend had broken up with him. D., a non-profit organization that helps the less fortunate and provides health care for dancers with HIV/AIDS and other illness, and is a co-owner of 5678 Dance Studio in Redlands.Name: Kamilah Barrett Season: 1 Where She Is Now: Kamilah has since created her very own dance style called Heel Hop, which she now goes around teaching to the world.Heel Hop is a dance style inspired by hip-hop, modern, salsa, and ballroom dance styles.He also danced on the first results show; at the end, he dropped his pants to reveal American-flag briefs.