If you believe this IP address really belongs to you, you can contact support.

ddclient is stuck When this issue occurs, This happens most often when you're trying to update your dynamic IP address many times in too short of a period by restarting the ddclient service.

Also make sure your DNS server are listed on the Name Servers tab. Ok so given that your DHCP server is not registering the records on behalf of the clients, and aside from your windows clients not being set to register with DNS on their NICs (which you should verify in TCP/IP properties on the client NIC), I would check the security settings on your reverse zone to make sure clients are allowed to register in the reverse zone.

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The ddclient is an open-source dynamic IP updater client written in Perl.

public wireless hotspot, a friend's wireless network etc.).

Each Open DNS user is uniquely identified by an IP address.

Try running an "ipconfig /registerdns" on one of the clients and see if it adds a record to the reverse zone.

If it didn't, you might try looking in the DNS event log on the server to see if there are any issues there.To update your host with the Linux update client all you need to do is update the host -. You can also add to an update group and just update the group. Like any other software, an operating system needs to be updated.To check, right-click your DHCP scope and go to properties.On the DNS tab enable DNS dynamic updates and set to "Always dynamically update..." Also enable Dynamic Update for clients that do not request updates.3) If the issue is that your reverse zones are mismatched between domain controllers (meaning a host was able to register with one of the DCs, but the registration did not get replicated to the others) it could mean the zones themselves aren't replicating between domain controllers.