WE have laws but mob rules and school yard rules are the norm. I am going on my 6th Year & basically alone in this, & exhausted. REALLY PEOPLE THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS TO CHECK IF PEOPLE HAVE .

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Dirty no user webcam video

That way, no matter who grabs control of your webcam via the Internet, they'll see NOTHING.

The security problems discussed in this blog post are specific to IP cameras -- that is, cameras that connect directly to the internet wihtout a laptop or computer.

If you bought a camera that encrypts data — and I hope you did — turn this feature on.

Hackers are familiar with common passwords, so be sure to change the IP camera’s default password to a password that’s hard to guess.

Any time I tried to make trusted superiors in the company aware of my dilemma, they responded with a smirk and commented " well I don't know who you think is going to help you".

I have been told that the company is lost in the cloud, and will never get caught. I believe that my company is part of a very large network and the harassment is not just online but seems to also be in everyday life.

They have used the same phone to gain access to and ruin 2 smart tvs, my satellite reciever and stole the signal so it beams to their own tv,gained access to accounts and subscriptions and took control over them and locked me out, and a day old 8 Collectors Edition Xbox One.

I'm a nervous wreck and I have tried everything yet I still cannot get it right.

I made a report with the FBI and FCC now as well as Google, Verizon, and Directv.