The people that know exactly what is going on are claiming that they know nothing at all, and will even cosign the mental illness rhetoric about me.

My name is dirt as they have spread malicious rumors about me.

I don't know what to do, please contact me if you are a professional and have had a similar problem or a law enforcement agent with a background in computer forensics.

I'm deadset on catching these people and will not be defeated.

I just have to remember that my God is still bigger then this monster that has become my reality. Another direct result of my stalkers skill and talented. Malicious rumors have ruined my name, just like you Teresa I am seriously upset. Have no proof except my life has become someone's favorite "show". If I want to post anything "public", I put it on Facebook - never real-time photos or video.

This is not freedom and its an invasion pure and simple I am not respected at work or in my town as though this is all some joke! Mine involved & involves ALL accounts u all list & My Accts r connected with other accts that aren't mine. I can't think of anything so important to visually share at the moment it is happening that is worth the potential issues associated with a security breach.

And to think this all started because I worked hard to make this company money through sales and marketing, and was promoted only because the company believed I was in on their scam with them.

I have even been told that nobody could do the job as effectively as I did, without being aware of the back end operations of the company. I refuse to be their victim forever and I am fighting back at any cost to my safety.That way, no matter who grabs control of your webcam via the Internet, they'll see NOTHING.The security problems discussed in this blog post are specific to IP cameras -- that is, cameras that connect directly to the internet wihtout a laptop or computer.Have you seen news reports about foreign websites showing live feeds from unsecured wireless cameras — like nanny cams, baby monitors, and security cameras — in the U. If you’re shopping for an internet protocol (IP) camera, look for security features that will help protect your privacy. Make sure both the camera and your home wireless network use security protocols. Once you’ve bought your IP camera, check its security settings and keep its software up-to-date. It’s creepy stuff, but there are steps you can take to protect your camera from prying eyes.Keep your wifi device encrypted, phone OFF of Bluetooth and away from all unknown networks as well as a firewall and quality Antivirus protection that covers malware protection.